Dafabet uses COTI to incorporate stablecoin payments into its gambling services.

Dafabet uses COTI to incorporate stablecoin payments into its gambling services.

Dafabet uses COTI to incorporate stablecoin payments into its gambling services. Dafabet, the gaming giant, has increased the methods in which its consumers can pay for services when utilizing its online platforms.

A collaboration with blockchain firm COTI resulted in the development of a digital wallet for keeping stablecoins. These crypto assets, which are valued 1:1 in relation to currencies such as the US dollar. A popular alternative for e-gaming since money cannot be readily block or confiscate and clear into user accounts nearly quickly.

Dafabet Does Digital

COTI specializes on blockchain-based payments for businesses, with a particular emphasis on the gaming sector. The company is situate in Gibraltar, which is home to many of the UK’s betting enterprises. It has tight relationships with key e-gaming players. Dafabet will accept stablecoin payments and integrate them into current gateways by utilizing a whitelabel version of Blockchain Dollars. The payment system developed by COTI for the gambling sector.

Users of Dafabet’s sports betting, online casinos, poker networks, and Flash games will be able to choose ‘cryptocurrency’ in addition to existing alternatives like e-wallet and credit card. The Ultra cryptocurrency wallet has been added to Dafa888, DafaPoker, and DafaBetSports, among other platforms controlled by the e-gaming corporation.

Dafabet COTIStrengthening Synergies Between Crypto and Gaming

Cryptocurrency has long been accept by gaming platforms, particularly online casinos, and is popular with clients due to its better anonymity and speedier settlement than traditional means like as bank wire. However, the volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has hampered widespread adoption. Stablecoins, which may be transfer on blockchain networks similar to Bitcoin, reduce volatility, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency without the drawbacks.

COTI expects an increase in network traffic to transit through Trustchain, the blockchain it created for payment routing. Up to 1.5 million Dafabet customers could make and receive stablecoin payments using COTI. When combined with the other e-gaming operators the blockchain startup is onboarding, it bodes well for the future of crypto-powered e-gaming.

Crypto Payments Go Full Circle

Cryptocurrency began as a type of peer-to-peer digital payment, and early Bitcoin enthusiasts worked to encourage retailer acceptance of the new cryptocurrency. The incentive to spend BTC faded over time as its holders recognized that it may be considerably more advantageous to merely hoard it. As network costs on the Bitcoin network increased in 2017, the number of retailers accepting cryptocurrencies actually decreased.

The allure of utilizing cryptocurrencies for purchases has resurfaced this year, bolstered by PayPal’s decision to enable cryptocurrency payments at online retailers that use its payment infrastructure. As a consequence, 350 million PayPal customers may now purchase Bitcoin and utilize it to make payments. The Dafabet integration of COTI’s blockchain wallet attests to the increasing interest in cryptocurrency payments.

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