How To Delete a Dafabet Account

How To Delete a Dafabet Account

How To Delete a Dafabet Account. There could be several reasons why you want to close your Dafabet account. But, regardless of the reason, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delete a Dafabet account, as well as an email template you can copy and paste.

Find out how to delete your Dafabet account

Who Are Dafabet?

Dafabet, founded in Makati, Philippines in 2004, has grown to become a global leader in the gaming industry in Asia and Europe.

AsianBGE (Dafabet’s owners) have gradually expanded the platform to cover all forms of horse racing events from nearly every country.

Dafabet is a gambling platform that allows registered users to bet on sports events or play casino games on their website.

As a user, you can make money by playing sports or casino games. You can also gamble and watch live games as they unfold.

It is one of the top horse racing betting services, with a plethora of fantastic options for players to enjoy.

Reasons To Delete A Dafabet Account

Responsible Gambling

Many people choose to delete their betting accounts entirely if their gambling is out of control or if they want to make a conscious effort to stop.

Because the site only allows registered users to bet or play casino games, deleting your Dafabet account will prevent you from accessing and placing bets. You may still view live games without a Dafabet account, but you will not be able to play games or earn cash.

Welcome Bonuses

Some customers attempt to erase their existing Dafabet account in order to reregister and receive a welcome bonus. However, Dafabet does not always allow you to register with the same information, so we do not recommend doing so.

If possible, it’s best to create a new Dafabet account with a different email address.

What Does It Mean When I Delete or Cancel My Dafabet Account?

If you opt to delete your Dafabet account, you will lose access to it, as well as your winnings and game history. You will be unable to log in because the account will be terminated and any information stored in the systems will be destroyed.

If you want a temporary account closure, you can initiate a self-imposed exclusion, which means you won’t be able to log into your Dafabet account for the time period you set. This is to ensure that any user of the Dafabet online gaming site gambles responsibly.

How To Delete A Dafabet Account

You can delete your Dafabet Account by emailing their customer service team.

  1. Login to your email account to which you are registered in Dafabet
  2. Create a new mail
  3. Title the email “Request to Delete Dafabet Account”
  4. Write in the mail why you want to delete, deregister or deactivate your Dafabet account
  5. Send the mail to “”

Account information such as name, email, website, and age must be included. Also, try to use the same email address that is associated with your Dafabet account. This will assist them in verifying that you are who you say you are.

Before you delete your account, make sure you withdraw or deposit cash in it, as this will not be accessible after your account has been deleted.

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